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Portable Hand Controls

Portable Hand Controls give the user a wider freedom to be able to test drive vehicles. The 'Bekker' Portable Hand Controls can be fitted to almost every make and model of motor vehicle that is fitted with an automatic gearbox. It only takes seconds to fit and remove the controls, making...
Portable telescopic ramps

Portable telescopic ramps

Offers a universal solution for overcoming various barriers as loading the wheelchair into a vehicle etc. The ramps are made from naturally anodized aluminium. The perforated surface provides unequalled anti-slip protection. Technical data   Internal width 19,...

Radial Brake and Accelerator

The Radial Brake and Accelerator is another variation of the push-pull Brake and Accelerator. In this instance, instead of pushing to brake and pulling to accelerate, the lever works on the principle of push to brake, and pivot downwards to accelerate. This design is beneficial for persons...
Roof wheelchair loader CHAIR TOPPER

Roof wheelchair loader CHAIR TOPPER

The CHAIR TOPPER enables the disabled person to load his/her wheelchair on the car roof. The wheelchair can be loaded from left or right side. This solution makes you fully independent and free. The interior of your car will remain clean and unscratched. The loader is electrically operated...

Side door step

Side door step makes an easy entrance into bigger van type vehicles. Especially older people appreciate the easier access to the car. It is very useful to combine the door step with a handle fitted on the B pillar.

Steering Spinners

The Alfred Bekker quick release steering spinner is far the most superior and most commonly used steering spinner worldwide. Its sheer luxurious grip and specially engineered top which releases from its base by simply pressing a button on its side, makes the Alfred Bekker quick release mushroom...
Tailboard ramps

Tailboard ramps

The ramp gives an easy access for person on a wheelchair inside the vehicle. The ramp is made from aluminium profiles. The running surface is manufactured from expanded aluminium sheet, which gives partial rear view through the ramp and provides the highest anti-slip protection. For...

Tilda - tilts the seat in 3 positions

TILDA provides the possibility to tilt the entire seat up to 15°, in three steps. When seated in tilt position 1, the car ride becomes more relaxing and the adjustability also provides relief when suffering from pain or spastic conditions. In combination with CARONY, TILDA will provide more...

Transport on a car seat

The mobility-impaired often require extra support or restraint to ensure a positive sitting position in cars, wheelchairs, child car safety seats, etc. The Care belt system comprises stabilizing belts that can be combined in different ways, thus providing an excellent complement to conventional...

Transport on a wheelchair - Q'Straint system

Properly secured persons on wheelchairs are very important for their safe transport. We offer a wide range of the world's safest wheelchair and occupant secure systems Q'straint and are able to satisfy all kinds of customer requirements. The complete system consists of 4 wheelchair belts and 3...
Transporting wheelchair Carony

Transporting wheelchair Carony

Carony is a unique, docking type of wheelchair, which eliminates the need to lift passangers and simplifies transport to and from the vehicle. Carony consists of a wheelchair frame and an adjustable seat Autoadapt BEV or Recaro N-joy. In the vehicle is a fitted swivel base Turnout. The Carony...
Transporting wheelchair Carony Kids

Transporting wheelchair Carony Kids

Carony Kids is based on the same wheel unit as the Carony. The seat is modified to suit children. The seat cushion is shorter and can be adjusted in the range of 40-45 cm. There is also a children's headrest and foot support. Carony Kids is available with 12" or 24" wheels. Carony Kids can be...
Turnout swivel seat

Turnout swivel seat

The Turnout swivel base is intended to facilitate getting in and out of vehicles for persons with impaired or limited mobility. To provide optimal space for getting in or out of the vehicle, the swivel base is combined with low type seat, such us Autoadapt's BEV seat or the Recaro seat....
Turny swivel seat

Turny swivel seat

Turny is an outwards swiveling, vertically adjustable car seat, specially designed for vehicles with a higher step, such as minibuses and vans. Turny makes getting in and out of vehicles considerably easier but can also be used as a means of assistance in getting up from seated position...

Verticaly adjustable seat

This system is useful in the following cases: The driver or passenger needs help when getting out of the car. The driver sets the seat to the required level to get in the car and then will adjust the seat to a comfortable height for driving. A...

Volkswagen Caddy

Volkswagen Caddy FlexiRampTM The vehicle is converted for transport of a disabled person in a wheelchair. Seating capacity is 5 people (including driver) or 2-3 people and 1 wheelchair. The vehicle floor is lowered full length The distance between new floor and ceiling is 137 - 142 cm The angle...

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi FlexiRampTM The vehicle is converted for transport of a disabled person in a wheelchair. Seating capacity is 5 people (including driver) and 1 wheelchair. The vehicle floor is lowered full length The distance between new floor and ceiling is 137 - 142 cm The angle of the...

VW Caddy FlexiRamp Active

VW Caddy FlexiRamp Active It is a wheelchair accessible vehicle which allows a person to get in a wheelchair from the back of the vehicle straight to the driver of passenger door. The floor is made from composite material and so is maintenance free. This vehicle conversion was tested and approved...
Wheelchair hoists

Wheelchair hoists

These hoists can be used for loading of mechanical or electrical wheelchairs and scooters. Their lifting capacity is in a range from 20 kg to 200kg and can be used in different types of cars like minivans, wagons etc. The lifting function is electrically operated for all of the hoists....