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Driving Aids

Easy Release Gearstick

The Alfred Bekker Gearshift Easy-Release is an ingenious design that allows the user to change gear on an automatic car with ease. This adaption is particularly suited to people with arthritic conditions or limited dexterity who find it difficult to press the button. To change gear on an...

Easy Release Handbrake

Our easy release hand brake does exactly that - makes it easy to apply and release the hand brake! The front handle pivots to depress the small button on your handbrake that many people with arthritic conditions or limited dexterity find difficult to operate

Indicator Extension

Suitable for left or right handed use, the Bekker Indicator extension is a simple yet effective design. The indicator extension consists of a metal rod formed to extend the function of the indicator lever across to the opposite side of the steering wheel, therefore releasing your hand that would...

Indicator Switch

  The Bekker Indicator switch allows the driver to switch from left to right indicator without having to take their hand off the hand controls. The switch is mounted in the end of the hand controls lever, which is covered by a comfort grip. The switch has 3 positions, left indicator, off...

Infra-red Controls

We supply Infra Red Units that are designed to provide an invaluable secondary control system for the various electrical functions on your vehicle. The infra red unit can control the horn, indicators, lights, front & rear wipers, hazard lights, and the front and rear windscreen washers and...

Pedal Extensions

Our pedal extensions simply bolt onto the existing pedals bringing them approximately 90mm (3.5 inches) closer to the driver. This allows the driver to take a more comfortable driving position with the seat back which  in turn makes driving safer. Main Features Ideal for Short or...

Pedal Guards

The quick release pedal guard is a simple adaptation that is sometimes necessary when a hand control such as a 'push pull' system is installed. The pedal guard prevents the drivers' feet from becoming trapped or obstructing the operation of one or more pedals. Despite it's relatively...