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Seat adaptations

Carony GO – the electrical transporting wheelchair

Carony GO – the electrical transporting wheelchair

Carony GO is a new product based on the Carony idea. It combines together advantages of Carony and an electrical wheelchair. You can easily get in and out of the car and travel freely like a normal electrical wheelchair. For loading of the wheel unit use a wheelchair hoist. The...

Tilda - tilts the seat in 3 positions

TILDA provides the possibility to tilt the entire seat up to 15°, in three steps. When seated in tilt position 1, the car ride becomes more relaxing and the adjustability also provides relief when suffering from pain or spastic conditions. In combination with CARONY, TILDA will provide more...
Transporting wheelchair Carony

Transporting wheelchair Carony

Carony is a unique, docking type of wheelchair, which eliminates the need to lift passangers and simplifies transport to and from the vehicle. Carony consists of a wheelchair frame and an adjustable seat Autoadapt BEV or Recaro N-joy. In the vehicle is a fitted swivel base Turnout. The Carony...
Transporting wheelchair Carony Kids

Transporting wheelchair Carony Kids

Carony Kids is based on the same wheel unit as the Carony. The seat is modified to suit children. The seat cushion is shorter and can be adjusted in the range of 40-45 cm. There is also a children's headrest and foot support. Carony Kids is available with 12" or 24" wheels. Carony Kids can be...
Turnout swivel seat

Turnout swivel seat

The Turnout swivel base is intended to facilitate getting in and out of vehicles for persons with impaired or limited mobility. To provide optimal space for getting in or out of the vehicle, the swivel base is combined with low type seat, such us Autoadapt's BEV seat or the Recaro seat....
Turny swivel seat

Turny swivel seat

Turny is an outwards swiveling, vertically adjustable car seat, specially designed for vehicles with a higher step, such as minibuses and vans. Turny makes getting in and out of vehicles considerably easier but can also be used as a means of assistance in getting up from seated position...

Verticaly adjustable seat

This system is useful in the following cases: The driver or passenger needs help when getting out of the car. The driver sets the seat to the required level to get in the car and then will adjust the seat to a comfortable height for driving. A...