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Hand controls

Accelerator Only - Alfred Bekker

The accelerator hand control is one of the most simple yet effective designs on the market. Simply pull the controls towards you to accelerate. This product was originally developed by Alfred Bekker over 35 years ago, and has been widely copied since. Features available for every make and model...

Alfred Bekker Brake and Accelerator

The original Alfred Bekker push/pull brake and accelerator system is custom made for every make/model of vehicle on the market. Simply pull to accelerator and push to brake. available for every make and model of car simple, lightweight operation designed and manufactured in our own factories...

Automatic clutch system

The Autocluch API is characterized by precise and comfortable clutch control. The clutch drive is located under the car dashboard next to the clutch pedal and is connected to the electronic module. The module collects instant driving parameters of the car and set the clutch pedal to the...

Brake / Accelerator Carospeed

Carospeed® Classic Carospeed hand controls are manufactured for specific type of car. Thanks to a unique mounting bracket, it is possible to adjust the hand controls according to the customer needs and requirements. The hand controls are operated by the right hand and can be used only in...

Brake only - Alfred Bekker

The brake hand control is one of the most simple yet effective designs on the market for your automatic car. Simply push the controls away from you to brake. This product was originally developed by Alfred Bekker over 35 years ago, and has been widely copied since. Features available for every...

Electronic accelerator - a ring fitted to the steering wheel

This is another variation of the hand control. The electronic accelerator enables the driver to have precise and comfortable control of the car accelerator only. A separate hand control lever is fitted for the brake on either the left or right  and is equipped with the hill holder and horn buttons...

Floor mounted hand controls

The Alfred Bekker floor mounted brake and accelerator is another variation to the range of brake and accelerator conversions available. These floor mounted hand controls are ideal should you have insufficient core stability to enable you to use the standard column mounted brake and accelerator...
Smart control SmartSteer

Infrared unit

This modern equipment enables easy and safe operation of up to 18 vehicle's controls at your fingertips. It can be used by any person who can only drive with one hand. The modified car can be driven as normal and the infrared unit can be simply transferred when you buy a new vehicle. It can be used...
Plyn na levou nohu

Left foot accelerator

Designed for drivers with a right leg disability, the left foot accelerator allows easy control of the cars brake and accelerator using just the left leg.  The original accelerator pedal remains functional for other non-disabled drivers of the car. The left foot accelerator is easily removable...

Manual clutch hand control

Alfred Bekker clutch hand control is designed and manufactured exactly for a specific car. Due to unique fixing to the vehicle we can adjust the hand controls to customers individual requirements for operating force and distance. The clutch hand control is operated by either the left hand...

Portable Hand Controls

Portable Hand Controls give the user a wider freedom to be able to test drive vehicles. The 'Bekker' Portable Hand Controls can be fitted to almost every make and model of motor vehicle that is fitted with an automatic gearbox. It only takes seconds to fit and remove the controls, making...

Radial Brake and Accelerator

The Radial Brake and Accelerator is another variation of the push-pull Brake and Accelerator. In this instance, instead of pushing to brake and pulling to accelerate, the lever works on the principle of push to brake, and pivot downwards to accelerate. This design is beneficial for persons...

Steering Spinners

The Alfred Bekker quick release steering spinner is far the most superior and most commonly used steering spinner worldwide. Its sheer luxurious grip and specially engineered top which releases from its base by simply pressing a button on its side, makes the Alfred Bekker quick release mushroom...